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Builder Monte Hewett Neighborhoods

Builder Monte Hewett Neighborhoods

Monte Hewett is a home builder headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with nine communities scattered across the city and its northern suburbs, at time of post. Known for their high end designs and architecture, Monte Hewett has been in the business for the past 16 years. Most recently, they have greatly expanded to one of North […]

Luxury Midtown Living In Colony House Condo

Luxury Midtown Living In Colony House Condo

Midtown Living At 145 15th Street NE Atlanta The condo building of Colony House is located in the City of Atlanta, North Fulton GA 30309. This property is located in Midtowns Art District. Colony House Condominium is at the heart of Colony Square and built between 1972 to 1974. The building is designed by architectural […]

Doublegate Johns Creek GA Neighborhood-Affordable Homes

Doublegate Johns Creek GA Neighborhood-Affordable Homes

The community of Doublegate is located in the City of Johns Creek, North Fulton GA 30022. Most homes built in Doublegate between 1980 to 1999. This is a full amenities neighborhood with a playground, swimming pool and tennis courts. Home Owners Association dues, at time of post, are $500.00 a year optional for pool and […]

Virginia Place Townhomes

Virginia Place Townhomes

Located in the heart of the Virginia Highland district, the townhomes at Virginia Place are brand new and highly sought after in the area. Built as three sided brick construction, these townhomes are in a fantastic location that is very close to major shopping and dining districts. All units were built starting in 2015 and […]

Carrington Place Marietta Living

Carrington Place Marietta Living

Located in Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia, Carrington Place is a great residential community with homes built from 1986 to 2011. Prices range from the low $100,000’s to the high $300,000’s. Neighborhood amenities include cable television availability, club house, Homeowners Association, sidewalks, street lights, swimming pool, tennis courts, and underground utilities. HOA fees are $400 per […]

Giverny Marietta Estate Home Community

Giverny Marietta Estate Home Community

Giverny is a residential development located in Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia, with only a handful of homes. Built between 1994 and 1997, this enclave of houses range in price from the mid $600,000’s to the high $1,200,000’s. Community amenities include cable television availability, homeowners association, and underground utilities. HOA fees, at time of post, are […]

Summer Walk Canton Georgia Living In A Pool And Tennis Community

Summer Walk Canton Georgia Living In A Pool And Tennis Community

Located in Canton Georgia, Cherokee County, 30114, there is a great residential community called Summer Walk. Built between 2000 and 2016+, homes in Summer Walk range in price from the mid $100,000’s to the mid $200,000’s. There are fantastic neighborhood amenities, including cable television availability, homeowners association, a playground, sidewalks, street lights, swimming pool, tennis […]

Summer Walk Cumming GA Subdivision

Summer Walk Cumming GA Subdivision

Located in Cumming, Forsyth County, Georgia, Summer Walk is a great community with homes ranging in price from the mid $100,000’s to the mid $200,000’s. Homes were built between 1995 and 1997. Neighborhood amenities include Homeowners Association, sidewalks, street lights, underground utilities, and cable television availability. HOA fees are $225.00 per year, at time of post. […]

Hamilton Mill

Hamilton Mill

Hamilton Mill is a large residential community located in Dacula, Gwinnett County, Georgia, with homes ranging from the mid $200,000’s to the high $700,000’s. Homes were built between 1995 and 2007, and they have a traditional style. There are fantastic neighborhood amenities at Hamilton Mill, including a club house, golf access, homeowners association, physical fitness […]

#HowTo Style Your Formal Dining Room

#HowTo Style Your Formal Dining Room

Do you have a formal dining room or specified area that you have absolutely no idea what to do with? Never fear! If you want to stray from the typical formal dining set and chandelier, check out a few of our favorite styling ideas to make your dining room as beautiful as possible! 1 – […]

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Why You Need To Pick The Right Real Estate Agent…FOR YOU!

The real estate business can be a harsh reality. From endless days with your house on the market to losing your dream home to another buyer, there are a million and one things that can go wrong. For these reasons, it is exceptionally important that you have representation that has your best interest in mind, and is experienced enough to handle the pressure of anything thrown their way. Believe me, the last thing you want in an agent is a weak negotiator, whether you are purchasing or selling.

Remax Realtor Alpharetta Deborah Weiner
First things first, you need to choose an agent who does not do this as a hobby or part-time gig. They will only leave you feeling disappointed and angry. Full-time agents are devoted to this career and know all the in’s and out’s of the business. While the rest of the real estate world only closes on an average of 4 properties a year, RE/MAX agents close on over 16 listings and generate a little over $115,000 in annual commission sales. Also, those in the RE/MAX business typically have around 15 years of experience in real estate, which leads to happier and more satisfied customers.

Visit Our Office Listings Currently For Sale

Not only should your agent have experience in the industry and prime negotiating skills, they should also be constantly aware of what is going on in the market. As we all know, the real estate market can change on the dime, so agents need to be as educated as possible and quick on their feet. Remember, knowledge really is power!

Read Some Recent Testimonials About Us

Finally, marketing is a huge factor in this business. For sellers, you need to see how this agent is going to present and showcase your property to potential buyers. Do they have any materials they specially do for listings, like flyers or brochures? Will they post on social media? Will they refer their other buying clients to your property? How will they choose to stage your house and will they be honest with you about its current value? These are all extremely important points and it is wise to go over them before signing on with a specific real estate agent.

Visit Our Resource Page On
How We Market A Home For Sale

Remember, the North Atlanta Home Team will be able to provide all these for you and will always keep your best interest in mind.

We would love to help you find your dream home!


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Pre-Qualified Versus / Pre-Approved, When Purchasing A Home In North Atlanta

 Getting Pre Approved For A Home LoanLooking for a home without being pre-approved?

As a potential buyer putting an offer in on a property, you’ll have a better chance of getting your offer accepted by being as prepared as possible.

The benefits of being pre-qualified and/or pre-approved can be easily understood when viewed from the seller’s perspective. Imagine you’re a seller in receipt of 2 offers to purchase your property. A complete stranger (buyer) is asking you to take your property off the market for at least the next two to three weeks while they apply for a loan.

As the seller, lets consider the type of buyer you’d prefer to deal with:

1-Neither pre-qualified nor pre-approved – This buyer provides no evidence that they can afford to purchase your property. You may wonder how serious they are since they’re not at least pre-qualified.

2-Pre-qualified – This buyer has met with a mortgage broker (or lender) and discussed their situation. The buyer has informed the broker regarding their income, expenses, assets and liabilities. The broker may also have seen their credit report. The buyer provided you with a letter from the broker stating an opinion of what the buyer can afford.

Getting The Ok On A Pre Approval Loan3-Pre-approved – This buyer has provided a broker written evidence of income, expenses, assets, liabilities and credit. A lender has verified all information. As a result, much of the paperwork for this buyer’s loan has been completed. This buyer will probably be able to close quickly. They provide you with a letter (pre-approval certificate) from the lender. You’re as certain as possible that this buyer can close.

As a potential buyer, you can see that being pre-approved will give you the best chance of getting your offer accepted. This is critical in a competitive situation. As a buyer, you never want to lose “The One” simply due to the fact, ducks were not in a row.

Feel free to Contact me, Deborah Weiner with RE/MAX ON MAIN, Contact Us for contact information in assisting you in getting pre-qualified and enjoying “Your Journey To Home”!

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Milton High And Cambridge High School Attendance Zone Update

As a Remax Real Estate agent, I am often ask by buyers and sellers, is this home for sale in the Milton High ( 13025 Birmingham Hwy, Milton, GA 30004 ) or Cambridge High ( 2845 Bethany Bend, Milton, GA 30004 ) District or if I list my home,

“What Milton High School District

Is My Home Located In?”

I also would like to provide you with a resource to check out the current real estate for sale in both of the school districts.

Real Estate And Homes For Sale In Milton High

Real Estate And Homes For Sale In Cambridge High

Cambridge High School Attendance Zone 2014I decided to post the 2013-2014 School Attendance Zone Maps to clear this up. It has been recently updated since the newer school Cambridge, was completed in August 2012. At time of post, this is the accurate information for you to see where the boundary lines are and what Milton and Alpharetta subdivisions lie within. By the way, the 2 photos are able to be downloaded for printing.

Milton High School Attendance Zone Map 2014If you have any real estate related questions about neighborhoods or more, simply let us know. We are here to help and look forward to speaking with you.



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Buyers Brokerage Agreement-Shopping For A Real Estate Agent

The Truth About Buyers Brokerage Agreements

When you find yourself interested in buying real estate in North Atlanta GA, your first step should be in finding a buyers Real Estate agent that will represent your interest throughout the whole process through to the closing table. A website is an important step in finding a buyers agent. Surfing a real estate website should be very user friendly and also responsive to contacting the agent with any questions as well.

North Atlanta Remax RealtorWhen buying property, it is in your best interest to select a Realtor who will enter into a buyer brokerage agreement with you. This means the Realtor must represent your interests in all instances and negotiate on your behalf.

A buyer representative can help advise you in writing the contract and selecting an appropriate price to begin negotiations, evaluating the properties you view, and should be more than willing to do a market study of the property to determine its value in the market place. Assess Your Personal Comfort Level Probably the most important thing you need to consider when selecting a Realtor is how comfortable you feel with that individual and if he or she seems to have a quick grasp of your needs. It is imperative that you work with a Realtor who listens to what you say and responds accordingly.

Our user friendly Remax Georgia Real Estate website at
updates every hour with new listings for sale in North Atlanta GA. From Just Listed, Foreclosures and real estate by neighborhoods,
you are sure to find something that catches our eye.

Here is an example of our Tools At Your Fingertips

Remax Buyers Agent North Atlanta GAThe Realtor who you are working with can save you time by selecting properties that meet your criteria. It is not necessary to view every property on the market in a given price range. Many properties can be ruled out by evaluating the individual property characteristics and amenities as they relate to your specific needs. A good Realtor will navigate you through this process easily.

Simply give us a call or email when you feel you are ready to take a look at homes for sale or simply want some more information on a
property that has caught your eye.

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What Is Pre-Approval And Why Is It An Important Place For The Buyer To Begin

Pre-approval allows a lender to get a high level picture of your financial world. The loan application is the starting point. There should NEVER be any cost or obligation to apply with a lender! If a lender is trying to charge you ANYTHING to apply…find another lender!

The loan application covers everything from income to assets as well as past credit history. Loan application allows the lender to pull your credit. Banks today look to meet 3 criteria…

1. Income: is income at a sufficient level to qualify for the loan?
2. Assets: do you have the required assets to purchase a home?
3. Credit: do your scores meet minimum guidelines?

The Pre-Approval Process In GA

You must meet all 3 in today’s environment to qualify for a loan. The loan application covers all 3 items. The pre-approval makes the presumption that data provided by you is accurate. This means that we presume your income, etc is what you state on the loan application. Typically income and assets are verified AFTER pre-approval as confirmation of the information you supplied on the loan application. If you are self employed OR in sales (commissioned income) the pre-approval may require tax returns up front so that income can be confirmed. This is because often times self employed and sales people take massive tax deductions which effectively lowers their adjusted gross income.

A loan application typically takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Pre-approval typically takes less than 1 business day. More often than not the process can be completed within a few hours. IE if you send in the completed application at noon…we’ll typically have you pre-approved same business day. Once pre-approved lenders will typically ask for you to start sending in data; tax returns, W2, bank statements, etc. A question we often get is: “should we pull my credit now even though I haven’t looked at homes yet?” The answer…YES! You want a lender to look at your credit well in advance of buying.

Credit reports are notorious for having errors on them. If something turns up that you weren’t aware of, now we have plenty of time to correct it. If you wait until you sign a 30 day contract you may be in for some big surprises. Trying to correct credit issues quickly is tough to do especially if you will need a credit re-score. You can also have multiple lenders pull credit within a few weeks of each other. What you DO NOT want to do is apply with different lenders every 30-45 days over the course of 4+ months. That can damage your credit scores potentially.

The bottom line is a pre-approval should be free and with no obligation to the lender. It should also be quick and painless. Pre-approval is important as it will help you understand what you qualify to buy, options that exist, and the terms associated with the payments.

Feel free to contact:
Max A Kallos
Lic. # 170267, NMLS# 156311 404-277-5884 phone
678-298-8947 fax
Contact Max Kallos

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First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Info.

North Atlanta GA FIrst Time Home Buyer
First time home buyer?
Some things you should know and consider before making one of the biggest investments and decisions in your life!

Credit scores are a big factor in getting a home mortgage today. We advise clients to be above 640 before aggressively looking for a home. Why 640? 640 is the lowest score most banks offer Before major increases to mortgage interest rates and most banks won’t lend under 640.
You want to wait until you get to 640 before applying.

Banks use your middle score. So your high score and low score are “thrown out” and the middle score is the score used to price your loan and qualify you.

How to Improve Scores? In general you want to have no more than 1-2 credit cards. You should never charge more than 50% of the total allowable spending limit at any time. So if your total limit is $10,000 on a credit card, never spend more than $5,000 on it and make sure you pay it down each month.

White Pickett Fence Home

Everyone wants the white picket fence home. There are a lot of details to discuss, so simply give us a call or check out
our website page at for more info.

Until then, check out the current rates as of 6.19.13.

Rates are still great and we’re closing purchase loans in under 30 days no sweat!!!

30 year fixed: 3.875%
15 year fixed: 2.875%
30 year FHA/VA: 3.25%
30 year JUMBO to $1,000,000: 4.375%

Contact Liberty Home Mortages LLC For More Info.
[email protected]

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In-Law Suite Homes For Sale Around North Atlanta Georgia

Homes With In-Law Suites

What Is An In Law Suite

Slide Show Of In-Law Suites Around North Atlanta Georgia

There seems to be a real demand out there for homes located in our area of North Atlanta that have In Law-Suites. An In-Law Suite is defined as an area of the home, usually on the main, if master is up, that has all the characteristics of a master bedroom with a small kitchenette area and sometimes a separate entrance from outside. Some times the suites can be located in the Terrace level or above the garage.

Homes With In-Law Suites Around North Atlanta GA

In-Law Suite Home Plans

There is not a specific community or neighborhood in our area that have only or the most In-Law Suites so the above resource, that updates daily, will provide you with the inventory currently available in our Georgia MLS.

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Atlanta Real Estate Market Improves

The Real Estate Market Over All Is Looking Up!
My husband, Brad Weiner, and I, Deborah Weiner both work as Remax Realtors in the North Atlanta Area and we have watched inventories go down and real estate prices steadily go up. At times, if a home is priced correctly and shows well, there can be a contract on the home the very 1st week it is listed, with back up offers an option for the seller.

Sold In North Atlanta GA

Buyers are looking for that great home. With all the available resources to search for real estate on the Internet and a quality buyers agent on their side, a home can be found and closed in just as little as 30 days. Good school districts, location to shopping, granite counter tops etc. are what attracts the educated buyer.

We are seeing an increase in the demand for master on main, new construction and even sellers taking a low offer on their home to capitalize on the investment in buying a great deal else where. If you have a home with great features, now is the time to either down size or upgrade into a newer home in North Atlanta. If you are considering listing your home, check out these great resources and give us a call so we can show you how we market homes to sell in North Atlanta!

Rise In US Home Sales Reflects Steady Improvement

Deals Driving Up Buckhead Condo Market

Atlanta Market Trends: 9/1/2012


Total Properties Listed: 4,791
Month-Over-Month Change: -5.3%

Average List Price: $489,832
Month-Over-Month Change: -.1%

Median List Price: $249,900
Month-Over-Month Change: -.04%

Typical Property

Single-Family Home
3.21 Bedrooms
2.78 Baths
$489,832 Average List Price
$159/Sq Ft Average Price per Sq Ft.

Average Price by Bedrooms:

1 Bedroom: $125,902
2 Bedrooms: $236,861
3 Bedrooms: $304,872
4 Bedrooms: $536,981
5 Bedrooms: $958,071

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Sharp Residential Neighborhoods Of Atlanta North

Sharp Residential has been building homes in the North Atlanta GA area for over 18 years. The Sharp Residential Design Center was established in the year 2001 and is geared towards offering home buyers a comprehensive selection of cabinets, counter tops, plumbing fixtures, tile, hardwoods, appliances, carpet and other exciting design options including paint, brick, stone and window treatments. Below are a few of the newer Sharp Residential communities with homes available for sale in Cities of Alpharetta, Woodstock and others around North Atlanta GA.

Brandon Hall
City of Cumming
Priced From the $200s – $400s Brandon Hall Community Site Plan
Homes For Sale In Brandon Hall
Amenities include:

Junior Olympic Pool
Children’s Water Park
4 Lighted Tennis Courts
Children’s Playground
Close to Lake Lanier

Harmony on the Lakes
City of Holly Springs
Priced From the $200s – $380s Harmony On The Lakes Site Plan Holly Springs
All Real Estate & Homes For Sale In Harmony On The Lakes
Homes in LakeShore and The Overlook feature dramatic two-story stacked stone fireplaces with raised stone hearth available, as are site-finished hardwoods on all basement homes, granite countertops in the kitchen and full baths, and the option of a bowed wall of windows. Homes feature great exterior elevations including stone, shake, brick and Hardi-Plank siding in combinations that provide a look that is not available with most other builders

Ivey Mills
City of Roswell
Priced From the 500s Ivey Mills Roswell Site Plan
Homes For Sale In Ivey Mills
Ivey Mills is an executive, gated community located off of Chaffin Road in sought-after Roswell, Georgia. Ivey Mills features 21 homes set on estate-sized, wooded homesites with both both master up and master on the main plans to meet your preference and lifestyle. The homes have beautiful elevations with a mix of brick and natural stone and deep, covered front porches. Homes feature three sides brick, three-car side entry garages with carriage style doors, professional landscaping and a full irrigation system.

Kimball Estates
City Alpharetta
Priced From the $390s Kimball Estates Sharp Residentail Built
Homes For Sale In Kimball Estates
Kimball Estates is a beautiful community of 46 homes located just off Kimball Bridge Road near historic Alpharetta. Homes feature brick exteriors, stone accents, 3-car garages and more.. Kimball Estates features generously sized, wooded homesites with an extensive tree and landscaping plan and a community pocket park with gazebo for neighbors to gather. The community is located in an area with many parks nearby.

City of Woodstock
Priced From the high $200s Lakestone Woodstock GA Sharp Residential Site Plan
Homes For Sale In Lakestone
This premiere swim-tennis community surrounds a beautiful lake and is conveniently located near Hwy 92 and an array of shopping, dining and entertainment. More than 65 new homes in this new phase and many right on the lake! Interior features found throughout the homes at Lakestone include vaulted ceilings, elegant trim packages, stained cabinetry, granite countertops in the kitchens and much more. Lakestone community amenities include a swimming pool, tennis courts and sidewalks throughout.

Liberty Park Townhomes
City of Atlanta
Priced From the $140s Liberty Park Townhomes
Liberty Park Townhomes For Sale
Elegant 3 Story Midtown Townhomes with garages. 4 miles to Downtown. 3 miles to I-285. 2 miles to I-75. An incredible location with great airport access as well. Swimming pool, gated entrance with guard and private “Boulevard” style streets.

Milton Place

City of Milton
Priced From the $370s Milton Place Milton GA Site Plan
Homes For Sale In Milton Place
Milton Place is an exclusive, gated community of 27 homes located on Hopewell Road, close to the shops and restaurants of historic downtown Alpharetta. Situated on large wooded lots up to 2 acres, the new Sharp Residential homes will start in the $360s, presenting home buyers a value in a community where existing homes priced in the high $500s. The new brick homes will feature stone and shake accents, full basements and 3-car side entry garages.

Olde Heritage
City of Woodstock
Priced From the $300s – $600s Olde Heritage Sharp Residential Built
Homes For Sale In Olde Heritage
Olde Heritage is a Cherokee county nature conservation community. Traditions series of homes in this well-established, park-like Woodstock community. Three-car side entry homes with basements are priced from the low $300’s. Olde Heritage has 145 homes over 143 acres. Private home sites range from 1/3 to 3/4 acres. Ranch and two-story plans ranging in size from 2,000 to 3,600 + square feet. Homes feature masters on the main, spacious breakfast areas, expansive family rooms, basements, two-car garages, elegant trim packages and more.

City of Cumming
Priced From the $200s – $400s  Parkstone Sharp Residential Site Plan
Homes For Sale In ParkStone
The beautiful ParkStone community features nearly 400 homes in 3 distinct neighborhoods. ParkStone features a magnificent hilltop amenities package where you can stroll along the sidewalks to the neighborhood clubhouse or playground. Relax beside the pool or plan a tennis match at one of the lighted tennis courts. Pickup basketball games are often in full swing in the early evenings.

Seven Hills
City of Dallas
Priced From the $350s – $500s Seven Hills Dallas GA Site Plan
Homes For Sale In Seven Hills
Seven Hills, an extraordinary Master Planned community developed by Cousins Properties. From the incredible amenities to the impressive Sharp Residential homes, there is definitely something here for everyone. Beautiful rolling hills & incredible views are just some of the many reasons people love to call Seven Hills home. Amazing amenities, which are sure to wow just about anyone, include an Olympic-sized zero-entry pool, children’s water park with waterslide, 10 tennis courts, dramatic clubhouse, walking trails, and community garden area

City of Roswell
Priced From the $360s Stonewyck Site Plan Sharp Residential Built Community
Homes For Sale In Stonewyck
Stonewyck is located just a short distance from the bustling shopping and restaurant area of Holcomb Bridge Road in the heart of Roswell. This intimate, gated community of 18 homesites was originally priced in the high $800s and is now an amazing value for the area with the last home priced in the low $400s. Stonewyck homes feature brick exteriors with stone and shake accents and the builders signature high-end finishes. Stonewyck homeowners can enjoy the nearby Chattahoochee River, parks and outdoor concerts at the Roswell Riverside Park.

The Highlands
City of Milton
Priced From the $300s
Homes For Sale In The Highlands
The Highlands is a beautiful gated community of 64 new estate homes close to downtown Alpharetta. These homes will be built on large homesites – several are over 2 acres – with exspansive surrounding landscape. All of the homes include the elegant features you expect in a Sharp Residential home. Community sidewalks, greenspaces and a pool with cabana are only a few of the neighborhood amenities.

Vickery Crest
City Of Milton
Priced From the $390s Vickery Crest Sharp Residential Built Community
Homes For Sale In Vickery Crest
Vickery Crest is conveniently located near restaurants and shopping in the heart of downtown Alpharetta, but the location is just the beginning. This community of 60+ homesites features a Junior Olympic size pool, pavilion and two lighted tennis courts. Beautiful brick homes with shake and stone accents and 3-car side entry garages. The wooded homesites in Vickery Crest range from 1/3 of an acre to premium sites of up to two acres. With many exterior and interior finishes.

West Park
City of Kennesaw
Priced From the $500s – $700s Westpark Kennesaw GA Site Plan
Homes For Sale In West Park
Westpark is located in West Cobb Located off of Acworth Due West Road. This intimate community features 84 homes set on estate size wooded lots. Two-story plans, including master up, master on the main, and ranch plans ranging in size from 2,800 to over 4,000 square feet.Homes have beautiful front elevations, including Signature level elevations, with mixed media of brick and real stone, deep covered front porches, three sides brick, three-car side entry garages with carriage style doors, professional landscaping and a full irrigation system.
Inside these fabulous homes, living areas are spacious with bright breakfast areas, soaring two-story family rooms – many accentuated with a full bowed wall of windows, keeping rooms, opulent master bedrooms, and large Master Baths with spa tubs. Further enhancing the elegance of the homes at Westpark, all homes have rich, extensive trim packages, hardwood flooring, gourmet kitchens with double ovens, granite countertops and beautiful cabinetry. Intricate wrought iron handrails adorn the stairways.

Winding Creek at Bentwater
City of Acworth
Priced From the $200s – $350s Winding Creek At Bentwater Acworth Site Plan
Winding Creek At Bentwater
Bentwater Winding Creek is a Sharp Residential built new enclave community. These are some of the most private, wooded lots in Bentwater – a beautiful golf neighborhood. With a beautifully manicured golf course, a clubhouse and swimming pool, you have the country club lifestyle just outside your doorstep.

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Want A Pool Home In North Alpharetta GA With Acerage?

This 5 bedroom home has it all. Lots of Space for storage and entertaining. Great updated Kitchen with Solid Surface counters and Breakfast Bar and Breakfast Area. Faux Finished Cabinets, Plantation Shutters Throughout, Updated painting with french country colors, Shows like new! 
Over 1.8 acre level to slightly sloped lot with a beautiful pool and waterfall.
Wooded, private and peaceful.

555 Stonebrook Farms Pool Home For Sale

North Alpharetta-City Of Milton Pool Home For Sale

North Alpharetta-City Of Milton Pool Home For Sale

Screened in porch in the back to enjoy the great out doors. Wonderful Milton GA location near greenway parks, shopping and GREAT North Fulton Georgia Schools. Very Desirable Master on main home, hardwoods throughout, like new carpet, fully finished basement with gym, entertainment room, full bathroom and bedroom.

More Alpharetta & Milton Homes With In Ground Pools

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