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Wild Stawberry Bush – Is It A Benefit To Wildlife In Georgia?

I have often wondered if the Strawberry Bush, which grows so well in the moist wooded soils of Georgia, has any nutritional value to wildlife. Therefore, I did a bit of research.

Before you pull that Strawberry Bush or try cut it down, keep in mind that birds, rabbits, and deer seem to like this native plant of GA.

If your Strawberry Bush is blooming like the picture below, it took over 2 years to mature to that state. There are visual features that are attractive in this plant and the Strawberry Bush is an excellent ornamental species.

The process begins in late spring with white blossoms tinged with pink or lavender, begin to bloom. After fertilization, by an unknown pollinator, the flower ripens and eventually forms a globular fruit. This capsule resembles a Strawberry.

In late September the husk opens to reveal 5 brilliant, shiny, orange-red berries and begins the colorful fall foliage that is still to come.

Strawberry Bush Stage Before The Actual Fruit Appears In September

The most common names of this plant are Strawberry Bush, Bursting Heart, Fish Wood, Burning Bush, Hearts-a-Burstin-love (my favorite!), and Brook Euonymus. The leaves turn dark red in autumn and the red capsules and scarlet  seeds add to the “burning effect,” contributing to several of its common names.

The Strawberry Bush is best used in natural settings, in the shade of larger shrubs and trees. Winter is the optimum trimming time, but cutting can be done anytime the plant is in leaf. This time of the year, late September, is when this plant is in its glory!

The Fruit Of The Native Strawberry Bush For Wildlife In GA

So you decide! Either keep the Strawberry Bush in the wild, for the animals and interesting foliage, or destroy it. Remember though, it could be feeding a hungry bird, squirrel, rabbit, or deer that may just need it in the fall/winter days ahead. Have a great Fall Season!

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